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Linux Distro Meme

I don’t want to start responding to all the memes, but this one seems like a way to introduce yourself.

1) Which was your Linux distribution story?

I started using Linux on and off when you had to download Slackware on floppy disk sets. I installed it onto a UMSDOS partition and bought a book on UNIX. That was back in high school, pre-1996. During a summer job one of the techs was using “make menuconfig” to compile a kernel and said it was “Red Hat” so I used that when I started college and was still dual-booting between Win95 and Linux. A few years later I learned about the marvel of Debian and apt-get and switched. I was a strong Debian user for years until I joined Red Hat. Now RHEL5 is my desktop distro. I have it customized with IceWM, mrxvt, and custom builds of xchat and vim. I still have a Debian server running which I never intend to reinstall, just upgrade along the Debian lines. I’m trying to configure a Fedora 10 distro the way I like it so I can build some apps from trunk. I need a replacement for mrxvt, something light and includes a broadcast feature.

2) What is your preferred $your_distribution version?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, until I can recreate my environment on Fedora 10.

3) Write a short story (more like an anecdote) about your past distribution.

As a testament to Linux, I upgraded the hardware on my Debian server from a 233MHz Pentium MMX to a 2.5GHz Celeron without having to reinstall anything. Just a new kernel, a few changes for the IDE to SATA transition and it booted. Total down time, three hours.