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collie 0.15 released

Collie is a tool to describe, run, and log test scenarios.


This release includes some bug fixes and a new feature.

  • New grace option for pan2 scheduler.  This allows tags time to finish before being killed when the allstop flag is used.  A how-to is available.
  • Remove active.h2 files when a pan2 herd finishes.
  • Do better at cleaning up file descriptors
  • Fix some hangs in child handling.

collie 0.14 released

I just pushed collie-0.14 out the door.  This release fixes a really bad bug and introduces a very powerful feature.  The bug would cause collie to suck up CPU while waiting for tests to complete.  That was fixed and collie should now sleep like a baby until your tests complete.

The new feature is the ability to set environment variables in herds.  There’s a new How-To describing how to use this feature. In combination with XIncludes, you can reduce the size of those really repetitive herd files.

collie 0.13 released

I fixed a few bugs and I’m hitting one of them enough to be annoying so I decided to cut a release so I could do an official build. A tarball available for this one.

Changes in this release:

  • KILLED tags should return non-zero too
  • Fixed signal handling so test programs don’t ignore SIGINT
  • Fixed sequence padding in the nanny scheduler
  • Fixed buffering when tag names collide

Introducing collie

Today I would like to introduce to the world, collie, a tool to describe, run, and log test scenarios.  I use this tool every day as part of testing GFS and Cluster Suite.  It allows me to describe complex test scenarios without having to write every error handler or manually capture every line of output.

The source is available via git.fedorahosted.org and I started a mailing list for dicussion.  We have some guides started on the wiki to give some ideas about what you can do with collie.