Monthly Archives: November 2009

qarsh 1.25 released

Qarsh is a remote shell for testing environments.


This release includes a few new features and a few bug fixes.

  • Handle growing files better in qacp.  You can now copy /var/log/messages without getting an error.
  • Add a quiet option to btimec.
  • Only look up the local user when the remote user is not specified.
  • Add an SE Linux policy for qarsh. This work was done by Jaroslav Kortus and allows qarsh work with SE Linux enabled. It allows us to get into the right context when we start daemons remotely.

conserver w/ GSSAPI support for Fedora 12

I upgraded to Fedora 12 last night and found that the conserver package still doesn’t support GSSAPI even though the patch has been in bugzilla for months and upstream released a new version which includes it. Here’s a new source rpm you can use to build your own GSSAPI enabled version of conserver for Fedora 12.

If anyone wants to sponsor me, I’ll take over maintaining the package.  I know Jima has wanted me to do that for a while.