Monthly Archives: August 2009

Using Ubiquity to read Planet Fedora

I just realized today how useful Ubiquity can be while reading all those non-native language blog entries on Planet Fedora.  By just highlighting the text and entering the translate command, I can now read most entries.



git doesn’t really take up 100MB

Valent’s post on finding the largest installed rpms sparked my interest.  I’m almost obsessive about reducing my set of installed packages.  But when I saw this output, I was a bit shocked.


While I’m not surprised the and java take up huge amounts of disk space, I was amazed that git does.  After all, most of git is hard linked to /usr/bin/git.  I whipped up a quick awk script to add based on unique inodes.

#!/usr/bin/awk -f
BEGIN { s = 0; lasti = 0 }
{ if ( lasti != $1 ) { s += $6; lasti = $1 } }
END { print s }

Then ran it on git like so:

[nstraz@tin ~]$ rpm -ql git | xargs ls -lid | sort -n | ./countsize.awk

Roughly 16MB vs 100MB.  That makes more sense.