Monthly Archives: April 2009

gxpp 1.1 released

Since I’m doing released for my other tools I figured it would be a good idea to merge the Makefile and spec changes to gxpp and cut a release too.  You should be able to build an rpm directly from the tarball.

Gxpp is a grep-like utility for XML documents.  It uses XPath expressions instead of regular expressions to query sections of XML documents.  It provides most of the standard grep command line options.



qarsh 1.24 released

Qarsh is a remote shell for testing environments.


This release includes several bug fixes.

  • Fix a hard to hit hang after a command completes
  • Add proper return codes to btimec
  • Extend the amount of time btime waits for a response
  • Force IPv4 on btimed
  • Fix segfaults in qacp